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backfire: trailer | full movie

it hungers: trailer | full movie

convulsion: trailer | full movie

call me emanuelle: trailer | full movie

the awakening of emanuelle: trailer | full movie

quest for the unicorn: trailer | full movie

a christmas love: trailer | full movie

another way to die: trailer | full movie

kill plan: trailer | full movie

love crime: trailer | full movie

the last roommate: trailer | full movie

bolero: trailer

panic: trailer

boiling point: trailer

shark babes: trailer

double d dude ranch: review

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we are wolves


boiling point


the future of festering wounds

on haute surveillance

german chocolate

house of seven belles

slime birth (possession)

worm's birth



cinema yugen w/ kent hill

social media and screenwriting

hope & screenwriting (the nudge podcast)

on the novelization process (vice)

extended thoughts on film (x-r-a-y)

podcast on screenwriting (sys)

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outu: death rituals

cheerleader nurses

occult for rudolf

archival noise works

friend - under the gun

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