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* 05/15/2023

CONVULSION is on Tubi. Explore this Psycho-energetic Thriller where desert mysteries destroy relationships, threaten to explode the self from the inside, and corrupt love through passion, desire, and fantasy. Directed by Gregory Hatanaka, CONVULSION is a LGBTQ sci-fi thriller that twists body horror into pure ritual. I think this is some of my finest work yet, and I'm very pleased to share this release with you all. Thank you. May you spread light and love through your work and your being.


ANOTHER WAY TO DIE is now available to rent on Vimeo. Though outwardly cloaked in a kind of Bondian aesthetic, the feature is strangely Christian, which I didn't realize was going to flow into the story. But it did. Sometimes those spiritual angles are hard to contain. It must've been the Meister Eckhart texts I was digging into, or it could be that I was feeling "The Light is Leaving Us All" by Current 93 in a very real way. But Bill Fay's "Time of the Last Persecution" seems to always hit the heart when the heart needs to be hit. Or woken up. And I'm happy to say that Greg Hatanaka and company did a fucking fantastic job with this one. Tonally, it shifts from J-Pop "Wild at Heart" crime bonding to Samurai Buddhist mysteries to a humble sense of Christian redemption. It was haunting for me to watch. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I hope you will too. I'm not sure when you'll read this update, but it's set to drop on Tubi and Amazon Prime very soon. May it find you well. God bless. Onward.


The Nudge podcast episode "Hope & Screenwriting" is live. Listen to me discuss creativity and failure with the wonderful Eric Westerlind and Mark Lang. Check out Clawfoot Press and support their work. Listen to The Nudge on your platform of choice. Enjoy.

* 01/01/2023

In early 2022 I began work on a slimy novella heavily inspired by the classic tentacle-laden masterpiece of cinema known as GUZOO: THE THING FORSAKEN BY GOD. I wrote close to 20K words, but the project eventually fell flat from inattention. It's difficult for me to put aside a project and let it simmer. I tend to work best in situations that involve striking effectively (and quickly) with sustained effort followed by careful revision. In the meantime, I had been doing a lot of screenwriting and, from June, learned basic Python programming and took a course to review Computer Science fundamentals. I revisited the novella project in October 2022 and found I had lost the thread and the will to continue the work. However, I did feel the need to slice the project into a new form, to extract a juicy fragment that could hopefully capture the story's initial spirit. And I found that precise fragment and breathed life into it. And it now lives. Please read the "micro-novel" (a poem, at heart) of GUZOO: THE THING FORSAKEN BY GOD. And Happy 2023. Keep "doing the Now well" and may you live the life you aspire to live.

* 12/17/2022

I will be a guest on The Nudge podcast that is being recorded shortly before Christmas.

* 11/30/2022

New Outu album for sale on Bandcamp: OUTU :: VORE SESSION (for fans of dark ambient, ritual drone ambient, musique concrete)